Create transparency.

The journey is the destination! With us, everything is visible and documented. This gives us a clear overview.

Finding levers

In the influence matrix, you can identify the key influencing factors of your system. This allows you to find out where you can start to take effective measures.

Compare results

Compare different simulations with different measures or scenarios and see how much the result varies. This allows you to analyze the dynamics of the system.

Everything at a glance

You can visualize the results in various diagrams in a clear and structured way – so you can easily derive insights. With the simple export function, you can share your results with other people.

Tracing sequences

You can trace all chains of action transparently using pulse tracking. This allows you to analyze chains of effects individually and see how strongly elements influence each other.

Thought of everything?

Maintain an overview at all times thanks to the option of documenting everything in detail. This ensures that the model is clearly understandable and comprehensible for subsequent developments or other users.

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