Design and understand complex systems

Make pragmatic decisions with transparent models and interactive simulations

simulation-based decision making

With simcision, you can put systems thinking into practice. Learn through simulations, get others on board and make effective decisions

Describe complex issues by visualizing them as a system.

Start with individual elements, think about how they relate to each other and influence each other. Build models step by step and make complexity tangible and designable.

Understand the system dynamics with multi-faceted analysis tools.

Track interactions in chains of effects, discover reinforcing or buffering cycles and identify influential levers of your model to effectively influence the system.

Experience your system in action in interactive simulations.

Develop simulations by interacting with models using dynamic events and measures or individual impulses. Test your strategies in different scenarios.

One tool for many possibilities

With simcision, you can not only model systems, but also interact with these systems. In doing so, simcision adapts flexibly to your needs.

A new way of thinking

In a world full of complex challenges, understanding systems is crucial. System thinking enables us not to see tasks in isolation, but to recognize the connections between different components. This allows us to develop more comprehensive solutions that do justice to complexity.

A new tool

With transparent simulations, a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, simcision helps you to find effective solutions for all issues. Get through challenges, get a clear overview, interactively navigate to your goals and get your crew on course.

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