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Map complex systems, simulate them interactively and analyze results comprehensibly.
decision making

Target and strategy models

Target and strategy models support the management and planning of complex projects. Use our software simcision to develop coherent goals at the start of a project or for ongoing maturity management.

“simulation-based decision making” – decision-making and strategic planning are already in the name simcision. In the clear user interface, goals and their interactions can be described and visualized together with stakeholders. A simulation model is created by adding specific measures and situational influences.

Alternatives can be examined interactively in various scenarios and – taking into account possible risks – a comprehensive basis for resilient decisions can be developed. Clear diagrams make it possible to analyze the results and communicate findings.

Educational and Simulation Games

Simulation games in simcision enable the development of interactive and creative game scenarios based on individual system models. Design the game mechanics and interface flexibly according to your wishes.

The interactive step-by-step simulation makes simcision a flexible authoring tool for attractive simulation games. Depict any context, plan options for action as measures and surprise learners with unexpected events.

The ready-to-use simulation dashboard in simcision can be adapted to individual requirements without any programming effort. Decide for yourself which functions are available, control the visibility of your system and work with your own images, explanatory texts and templates. In versatile and preconfigurable diagrams, players always have an overview.

Explainer models and System Maps

You can use explanatory models to visualize complex issues in an understandable way. Create graphics about relationships or evaluation diagrams that clearly illustrate all the processes and interactions of your simulations.

Knowledge transfer is possible on many levels in simcision – from initial brainstorming to simple system maps and detailed, content-based explanatory models.

For the first approach to a system, system elements, their interrelationships and existing cycles can be sketched in a simple map in our whiteboard mode. simcision makes it possible to describe interrelationships both qualitatively and quantitatively, to add textual and graphical components to models and to flexibly control the level of detail displayed. This makes systems of any complexity understandable and immediately tangible in the simulation.

Stock and flow simulations

Stock and flow simulations in simcision make every process transparent and comprehensible. Regulate the dynamics of the system with flexible control elements – even during simulations.

With simcision, stock and flow simulations can be created and, like all system models in simcision, executed and analyzed step by step. The step-by-step simulation ensures transparency and traceability. External influences such as events and measures expand your system boundaries and give you even more room for maneuver.

Our innovative operating concept enables even users without simulation experience to create system models. With easy-to-use tools for displaying curves and a graphical formula editor, any complex relationships can be formulated without any programming knowledge.

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